The firm leads due diligence inquiries for clients who wish to evaluate critically extraordinary investment opportunities, typically involving foreign promoters and entities, prior to committing funds.  The firm also represents clients who have been the victims of fraud committed by the abuse of offshore entities.  Asset recovery strategies are designed to detect, preserve and recover valuable assets concealed by fraudsters, if possible long before obtaining a final civil judgement.  The firm conducts cross-border evidence and intelligence collection, deconstructs complex asset protection devices and fraudulent investment schemes, and designs and executes multi-jurisdictional asset recovery strategies, with strict budgetary discipline. 

Representative work:

Co-counsel in multi-jurisdictional asset recovery effort for Argentine heir defrauded of his statutory share of estate assets in case involving abuse of Liechtenstein and Netherlands Antilles entities, and banks, bank regulators and financial intelligence units in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany. 

Co-counsel in multi-jurisdictional asset recovery effort for U.S. investor defrauded by English promoter of complex investment scheme involving abuse of Liechtenstein, Netherlands, Wyoming and Guernsey entities, sham intellectual property, and sham royalty and insurance premium payments, to strip assets out of English investment vehicle.   

Representation of U.S. trustee of U.S. trust holding substantial estate assets in investigation, due diligence and legal review of complex, high yield investment opportunity and related financial instruments promoted by Spanish intermediaries.

Representation of U.S. commercial interests in investigation, due diligence and legal review of complicated financing structure proposed by U.S. intermediaries involving bank licensed by American Indian tribe and offshore trust funded by Greek Orthodox Church.

Representation of English client in dispute with Guernsey based bank and rogue fiduciary service provider asserting claims against real property interests under fraudulent promissory notes.